Hawaii Prepared – Preparedness Products on Big Island

Hawaii Prepared

For those of you out there who have looked to purchase emergency preparedness items like freeze dried foods, emergency candles, first aid kits, etc. and been put off by the extraordinarily high shipping costs to the island, your saviors have arrived!! Hawaii Prepared is now here. Two families in Waimea have gotten together and found a way to provide these items to our residents for reasonable prices.

From their “About Us” page:

“Hawaii Prepared came about after our two families began building our own family storage of quality food and emergency essentials.  We soon realized that access to these products on the Big Island was limited, and shipping these products to our home island was costly.  After a year of working through logistics and a couple of shipments of food to the Big Island, we became aware that there are many people living here that wanted access to these same products.  We decided  that we needed to find a way to break through the substantial barriers, not only for ourselves, but also our friends and neighbors.  It was upon that conversation that we began to plan how we would provide to our island the very products we had researched, purchased, and shipped.  

Today we operate as a small company with a simple vision: Provide quality food storage and emergency essentials to our friends and neighbors on the Big Island of Hawaii.  We hope our products continue to create peace of mind to our customers while helping our Island be just a little better prepared for the unexpected.”

There are no shipping costs, just place your order through the website or over the phone, and they will either meet you, or deliver to you! They even offer bulk/group rates. I contacted them, and they told me their ‘seeds’ page should start filling up with items in the new year as well. Heirloom seeds are an important addition to any family’s preparedness kits.

Now there is no excuse for not being prepared. Whether it’s an earthquake, tsunami, bad storm, power outage or even a volcano eruption, remember that most stores only carry about three days worth of stocks on the shelves. We all realize that it wouldn’t take much for regular shipments of food and other products to our island to falter; an earthquake on the West coast, or even a shipping strike.

So be prepared Hawaii!

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One Response to Hawaii Prepared – Preparedness Products on Big Island

  1. Check out our expo. It will give you some ideas on Emergency Preparedness. http://www.greatlakespreppers.com
    When is the next Emergency Expo in Hawaii? I would like to come.

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