FEMA courses in Hilo, Kona

The Pacific Regional Disaster Preparedness Center will offer a series of FEMA certification courses from Tuesday through Friday, Oct. 11-14 , in Hilo and Kona.

The sessions will be presented in the Hawaii Innovation Center at Hilo (HICH) conference room at 117 Keawe St., Hilo, and at the Bougainvillea Plaza in Kailua-Kona.

These courses are free and open to the public. Space is limited, so please register by Monday, Oct. 3. For more information and registration, visit the website, www.prdpc.org, call 933-2439 or email course-registration@prdpc.org.

The following courses will be taught:

— Awareness and Response to Biological Events (AWR-118 ): Identification of potential biological threats, biological agents that are naturally occurring, or could be used deliberately; and methods of protection from biological agents; tactics for identifying the presence of a potential biological threat, responding to an incident, and supporting operations at the incident scene;

— Law Enforcement Prevention and Deterrence of Terrorist Acts (AWR-122): Knowledge, skills and abilities to assist in preventing and/or deterring weapons of mass destruction (WMD) terrorist incidents. (Prerequisites: open only to persons classified as first responders);

— Community Partnerships and Awareness (AWR-146): Create a collaborative partnership among community members and public safety personnel who wish to better prepare for an all-hazards event;

— Tsunami Awareness (AWR-217): Enhances the participants’ abilities to support their organizations’ tsunami preparedness and response efforts.

It provides participants with an understanding of the tsunami hazard, current hazard assessment tools and products, tsunami warning and dissemination systems and methods, and methods of community response to local and distant tsunamis, and

— Screening of Persons by Observational Techniques (SPOT) (AWR-219): Overview of security operations that can be applied for protection of assets from terrorist acts.

For more information, please contact Grace Armstrong at 933-2439 or garmstrong@prdpc.org.


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