Increase in Media Prep Coverage?

Recently I’ve noticed more news about emergency preparedness appearing from mainstream sources. The earthquake/tsunami in Japan was likely a large part of this upsurge, but, there are quite a few ongoing disasters happening worldwide at the moment, including some pretty terrible, record setting floods. A couple of weeks ago 100 days of Disaster: 2011 appeared on Australian television, which included quite a bit on prepping. Last week CNBC aired a program called Apocalypse 2012: Profiting from Doomsday which outlined some of the more extreme visions of an apocalyptic future, but also went into some of the serious preparations going on including underground shelters and the fact that prepper websites are experiencing a huge upsurge in sales of emergency supplies and survival gear.

Here’s an article from May 5, 2011 in a local Illinois paper, Prepare an emergency kit for your family. From April 26, 2011, Colorado news noticed more people are stocking up just in case, More Colorado Residents Opt to Prep for Disasters. The local news in Oregon asks, from May 4, 2011, How Prepared are You for an Earthquake? Arlington County, VA is updating its emergency preparedness. Stamford, CT’s Mayor Forms Civil Preparedness Advisory Group. From the Montreal Gazette May 3, 2011, Emergency? Be sure you are prepared. May 5, 2011, Emergency preparedness begins with a personal plan.  Just found another interesting one – South Korea stages a disaster drill, from May 4, 2011. And that’s just a few of hundreds of such articles I found, all very recent.

On April 22, 2011, another Oregonian news outlet writes that people are Freaking out for freeze-dried food to such an extent that dried food manufacturers are sold out for the 2011 season, “Oregon Freeze Dry officials say they have never seen this level of consumer panic over emergency preparedness in the company’s 48-year history.” Wow. In fact a really big quake could occur anytime in the Pacific northwest…or along the New Madrid fault in the Midwest. So it’s not just California anymore people – have your family’s kits ready to go no matter where you are. I found a slew of announcements in local businesses, community centers and libraries all across the nation offering classes, seminars and drills on emergency preparedness and surviving disasters. A college in Canada recently announced they are creating a new degree program in emergency management. National Geographic channel is producing a new TV show called Preppers.

These days it’s wisdom (and apparently, even chic) to be prepared for anything, including severe economic hardship, rising food prices, etc. As I’ve said before, Hawaii would suffer immediately if the ships were unable to come for any reason. A blogger at Forbes recently wrote an article, When Disaster Strikes: Avoiding A Hit To Your Supply Chain. I’m not sure if it’s comforting to see that companies are considering options for supply-chains during disaster or not. It’s a fragile system, one not to take for granted, especially here in the islands.

A couple of days ago the University of Hawaii announced that one of its professors was recently published in the journal International Homeland Security (isn’t that an oxymoron? anyway…) “Disaster Management in the Asia-Pacific Region: The Role of Hawai‘i.” According to this article, Hawaii “is strategic in any U.S. response to a wide range of natural and man-made disasters as well as the threat of terrorism. Moreover, the extensive Hawai‘i-based network of coordination, cooperation, and collaboration among emergency and disaster management government and civilian agencies at the local, national and international levels is essential to maintaining security in the Asia Pacific region.” Here is information on the next CERT training in Hawaii County.

And we would all be advised to work up our own ohana and local networks. We’re pretty remote, so we’ll have to rely on each other. Encourage your friends and extended family to invest in a few extra supplies. While this blog is still new, I’ve enjoyed making a few contacts already, namely Matt over at Survival and the Hawaii Preppers Network. Lots of good info; check them out.

If you live in Hawaii, at the very least, be sure you keep your gas tanks above half, and stock up on some extra toilet paper (the first to go!), rice, water, personal medications and other such necessities. Hopefully you won’t have to use it, but it’s excellent security in a crisis. How far you want to go is up to you; check out my posts on Bugging Out and Bugging In, and decide what makes sense for your family.

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2 Responses to Increase in Media Prep Coverage?

  1. Matt says:

    Great Post! Facinating stuff here! Thanks for the shout out on your website too! I feel HONORED!!! When we really get our podcast going good…any chance for an interview in the future??

  2. Roberto says:

    thanks for letting us know

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