Aloha world!

Along with my family, I have been preparing for uncertain times for years now.  This new site is dedicated to posting information and resources both local and global to aid families and communities. Most recently, the earthquake in Japan and ensuing tsunami were the deciding factor in starting this new blog.  You may know me from my other writings at Surfing the Tao.

Some may feel they are too busy surviving life as it is now to consider any other alternative.  No time, too overwhelmed, too tired – and I certainly understand those feelings.  But if the boats stopped coming for any reason, could you feed your family?

Some may rather not think about the potential for catastrophe, either local or global, preferring to “think positive” and I agree – being prepared should not be about gloom and doom, but about the potential we have to create our own future, regardless of curveballs both natural (earthquake, hurricane, flood, solar flares, etc) or man-made (war, nuclear or economic meltdown, etc).  Being prepared is a positive way to take action – small considerations, a little bit of research, a few local connections, and as little as $10 a week can get you started on the road to feeling safe and secure no matter what happens.  You may not live on an isolated island like I do and yet, you may feel that way one day if you’re not prepared.  And if you do live here, please get in touch and let’s work together, pool our resources and make positive changes towards making this island more self sufficient.  It certainly has the natural resources, and the people here certainly have the skill sets, if we knew about them.

Most important I believe is to connect with your community.  I myself look forward to meeting new neighbors and discovering the hidden treasures lurking down the street, so when and if something does happen, we’ll have each other.  It’s not always easy to do.

Here’s to love, peace, harmony and sowing the seeds of prosperity and abundance, even in the face of calamity.

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